Importance Of Technical Education In The Youth

Technical Education mainly focuses on imparting skills and training, giving knowledge to help us improve and build our careers.

In the present era of tough competition and hard endeavor, ordinary education is found to be sadly insufficient to procure for a man his needs. Unemployment, therefore, is growing at a fast pace every day, and unrest and discontent are increasing daily.

How can these difficulties be removed?

From the recent study, it appears that technical education is necessary to solve this problem to a great extent. Technical education is the education that trains a person in one of the different practical and useful arts such as carpentry, weaving, pottery, agriculture, and similar other things.

Further, technical education is necessary to train the artisans that are already there. Pakistani artisans, as a rule without education of any sort, follow age-long methods with regard to the different crafts they pursue. They have neither the capacity nor the intentions to improve their methods of work and these being rather out of date in these days of rapid advancement, they can neither produce things of high excellence nor can they compete with the same articles of foreign manufacturers. Technical education thus develops and improves indigenous’ trade.

In spite of the vast value of technical education, the attitude of educated people towards it is not good. To run a course of technical training, it is crucial that manual work should be done. Educated people, being given comfort and relaxation, which gives them a false sense of being superior, feel ashamed to do anything by hand and hence their disinclination in the graph technical education importance. They would starve rather than engage themselves in this. Such is their mentality. However, the acuteness of this problem at present times has changed the state of many things and many educated people are showing involvement in technical education. It is a good time that people should take more and more interest and involvement in technical education to make our country strong technically and economically.

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