Top 5 Major Problems In The Indian Education System

Early days of school required students to travel physically and attend classes. This means that all the facilities and services the school would need to provide its students would come at a cost. Even though the students would have to spend a lot of time, effort and money on the daily travel to school. Due to the lack of budget, many students can’t get quality and proper education. However, the government has introduced many schemes to make sure that every child in the country can get education but still, the majority of the students aren’t aware of these schemes and they can’t avail such opportunities. Even though, with the help of advanced technology, educationists have been able to overcome all the geographic and financial limitations. However, it is quite true that proper internet connection and devices which run the required softwares are still challenging for most of them. So, it is one of the second major problems in the Indian Education System.

major problems in the indian education system
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