Top 10 Insane World Records You’ll Never See Ever Again

There are many ways to set a record and leave your mark in the Guinness World Records book. But there are only a special few that really push the boundaries of what’s humanly possible. These are only Top 10 Insane World Records-The most genuinely breathtaking achievements-the records that may never be broken ever again.

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1. Greatest height from which a basketball Was Thrown

In order to try a shot from the top of the falls into a hoop 200 meters down, Australian YouTubers How Ridiculous traveled to Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho, Africa, in 2018. They appeared to have been somewhat distracted initially by the spectacular scenery as they threw complete airballs for 5 straight days. However, on the fourth day, everything finally appeared to be working in their favor, and they succeeded in setting the record for the highest basketball shot made. Perhaps they purposefully skipped it since the view was so spectacular?

2. Bosnian who broke 111 concrete blocks:

There always appears to be a way to increase the extremeness of things. That was amply demonstrated by Bosnian kid Kerim Ahmetspahic, who owns the oddly remarkable Guinness World Record for the most concrete blocks smashed…with his head. You may think one would be plenty, but not for him. At the age of 16, he took this very seriously and in just 35 seconds, managed to demolish 111 concrete blocks while somehow keeping his skull intact. You better submit to this black belt because that’s 111 blocks more than any of us could knock down with our heads.

3. Flying in a wingsuit through a gap only 8 and a half feet wide:

Uli Emanuele wanted to take base jumping’s already lethal risks to the next level… or two. He took his wingsuit up a mountain in Switzerland which he’d chosen for a reason: it had a cave close by that he was determined to jump through. You’d expect a base jumper to choose a cave a lot wider than this one though. This is in fact the smallest hole any base jumper has ever flown through and it’s an unnaturally dangerous stunt. But because of his perseverance, he managed to base jump through a crack that was barely 8.5 feet wide. And if that sight doesn’t get your heart rate up, I don’t know what will.

4. Rubik’s cubes solved underwater in 1 breath by a Man In India:

You’ve undoubtedly spent an excessive amount of time, at least once in your life, attempting to solve a Rubik’s cube, so you are aware of how difficult it is. ILLayaram Sekar from India decided to give himself a bit of time pressure and see how many he could solve. That is to say, he inhaled, dove under the water, and attempted to solve as many Rubik’s cubes as possible without pausing to catch his breath.

 He held his breath for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, which is a remarkable amount of time, but solving such challenging riddles at the same time is another matter together. He was able to fully solve six riddles—yes, I said puzzles, plural—breaking the record in the process.

5. Guinness World Record for the highest jump in quarterpipe:

As anyone who’s ever set foot on slopes will tell you, skiing is a perilous sport, even at the most basic level. That makes this incredible World Record even more impressive. When a 59-foot high hip was built in Italy for the Suzuki Nine Knights in 2016, plenty of pros took the opportunity to try out the highest hip ever constructed, but David Wise did the most with it. He absolutely smashed the world record for the highest air world record on quarterpipe by soaring a glorious 46.5FT above the surface. That’s a full 13 feet higher than the previous record. When you break a record by that much, you know your title is pretty safe.

6. World record for freediving underwater for 24 minutes:

The thing about freediving is that it always looks so peaceful, which is very deceiving to spectators like you and me. The more you dive, the more strain your body is placed under, making it a really challenging sport. Alexey Molchanov knows all too well about the mental and physical difficulty involved in freediving because he holds the record for it. The Russian took his incredible, record-breaking monofin swim below the ice in a quarry and made it to a staggering 590 feet, beating the previous record by 16. And makes it look easy!

Diving is clearly in his blood, therefore his record won’t be easily matched. He dedicated his record to his mother, who passed away in a free-diving accident a few years ago.

7. Tiluck Keisam limbo skater:

Do you think you could limb your body beneath a pole only 11 inches off the ground while roller skating? If you said yes, I’m super impressed because I definitely couldn’t. That’s not the only reason that Tiluck Keisam is a marvel though. When he was just 8 years old, he set a world record for the longest distance limbo skated beneath bars, something I never even considered possible. Even more astoundingly, he performs the splits while doing it all! For his record, he traveled an amazing 475 feet 7 inches on his skates, under 11.8 inches high bars in the splits position and somehow it doesn’t even look that difficult when he does it!

8. Fastest brick breaker:

It’s always thrilling to watch a martial artist smash through concrete bricks with ease, but just because you’ve seen it before doesn’t guarantee that Kevin Taylor won’t astound you when he does it. he does it. He holds two world records for the fastest brick breaking, he’s always broken the first one he set in 2006. In all honesty, you’ll probably find it difficult to believe these figures because…In under 57.5 seconds, he smashed 584 bricks, setting the current world record. Given his abilities, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he founded the World Speed Brick Breaking Association, where he instructs others in his craft. I don’t think anyone will soon beat his records, even with his training.

9. World fastest MTB bike record:

A speed record is the one thing that is certain to make your pulse race. Combine that with a gravel mountain slope and you’ll have people on the edge of their seats. Max Stockl already had the world speed record for cycling downhill but he clearly thought he could steep it up a notch.

He was right! He found a mountain in Chile’s Atacama desert with a 45-degree slope and took his Mondraker bike and hamlet he made himself with him to his specially chosen slope. And he chose wisely, he broke his own record by clocking just over 104 miles a speed he reached after only 11 seconds! Now that’s how you ride a bike! If that wasn’t enough to satiate your craving for watching people perform an impressive skill in a harsh environment, then have another: John Farn Worth holds a surprising number many football-related world records, but his most recent achievement is truly remarkable.

10. John Farnworth Juggles Football Through Sahara- Record Breaking

If witnessing someone display exceptional talent in a challenging situation wasn’t satisfying enough for you, try another: John Farnworth has a surprising amount of football-related world records under his belt, but his most recent achievement is truly remarkable. One of the harshest areas on earth, the Sahara desert, is where he brought his football to try to break the record for the longest time it could be controlled while crossing it. This obviously took place over the course of seven days. And it was more difficult than he had anticipated since in addition to the intense desert heat, he also had to juggle a football while contending with severe gusts.

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