Top 10 Most Tough and Dangerous Jobs In The World

It’s easy to do any kind of job sitting in an office – just imagine sitting comfortably in a chair with a cup of coffee or tea on the table in front of you – but in a world like this there are also jobs that are extremely difficult to do and there is always a risk of being killed in the process. Only a small mistake can lead to death. Read about some of these jobs in today’s article at

1. Electrician

The work of an electrician is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, with the highest risk of death. Electricians work in close proximity to electrical circuits, wires, and cables. The most dangerous are: working at high altitudes, catching fire, electric shocks, and exposure to toxic gases such as carbon monoxide – in some cases even explosions.

2. Communication Tower Climbing

This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States – many deaths occur during the construction of these communication towers simply because their climbers are not fully equipped with safety equipment – sometimes due to the repair or removal of these towers. This also happens because even then the employee is unable to choose the right place where he can repair the faulty appliance.

3. Fire Fighter

Firefighters are trained to rescue workers, but their lives are in grave danger as they try to rescue people trapped inside various buildings in the event of a fire or collapse – without their lives Children and adults in such a dangerous situation jump to the rescue. Burnt buildings are extremely dangerous to the human body because they contain a variety of chemicals, debris, and smoke.

4. Fisherman

Fishing for crabs in Alaska is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world – perhaps the most common cause of death – so now you understand why crabs are so expensive. But there is another reason why the lives of people who catch crabs are in great danger when they catch them in cold and icy water.

5. Truck Driver

Truck drivers are special people who are always on the road and travel non-stop and deliver goods all over the world – they always face bad roads, reckless drivers, and waking nights that are sometimes tragic situations.

6. Logging

Dangerous in this work is found all year round but it is more dangerous in the summer and autumn seasons and most deaths in this work also occur in July, September, and October – deforestation work is very cold weather. This is done. The growth in this employment is also very slow. They have to take care of the boundaries in the forest to cut down the trees. This feeling is done for commercial industries. They are plated and then cut into small pieces.

7. Construction Site Foreman

The construction industry is one of the most difficult sectors in the world – the foreman is responsible for all the arrangements of the project – fatal accidents occur daily at the construction sites – the foreman informs the worker about the height of the building – and if the worker Anyone who takes a wrong step or falls will fall to the ground – a worker who falls from a used vehicle during construction and loses his life due to an electric shock or being buried underground. – Workers also become victims of dust and gases. The foreman is held responsible for all these accidents.

8. Miner

You often hear about people being killed in a mine accident and you can imagine how dangerous it is – miners are constantly exposed to large amounts of silica dust during their work. Which can cause inflammation in the lungs. In addition, in case of ear infections, many miners get trapped and most of them die.

9. BodyGuard

The bodyguard job is one of the most difficult jobs in the world at risk of death at any time – people from different professions of life get their services for money and you can imagine how difficult it is that Put one’s life in the palm of one’s hand in exchange for money – Guards are also private and governmental ones are appointed to protect a single person or different personalities – usually, their services are received by political figures or the richest people. These people are at risk of murder, kidnapping, harassment, burglary, or theft of confidential information.

10. Painter

The painter beautifies things with the help of different colors but he himself is surrounded by dangers – he has to climb different heights to perform his services from where he may fall down and get injured or die. Yes, and sometimes they are disabled for life.

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