Top 5 Best Mcqs Websites For Entry Test Preparation In Pakistan

Today we are going to discuss some Mcqs websites which are best for entry test preparations in Pakistan.


This is Pakistan’s leading website for Mcqs, where you may submit Mcqs from tests you’ve just taken and find Mcqs on every subject imaginable. The Mcqs are available on this website in a straightforward style.

Recently, Pakmcqs launched their app on Play Store by the name PAKMCQS QUIZ.


McqsPlanet Official is the official channel of They upload important content related to competitive exams. The majority of the multiple-choice questions are self-made in accordance with test patterns, while part of the information is compiled from exam past papers. Their goal is to prepare you for competitive exams. Current Affairs, Pakistan Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Islamiyat, Past Papers, Everyday Science, Pakistan Studies.


The main source of MCQs covering a wide range of areas and utilized to train for many competitive exams is MCQs are a way for you to gauge your knowledge of particular topics.


The word “Sheir” stands for Society of Higher Education & Industrial Researchation & Industrial Research. This is also one of the best websites for all types of entry test preparation in Pakistan.

5. is recently launched but this website has a lot of Mcqs for entry test preparation.

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