Which Is The Largest Grass In The World?

In this article, we will know about the largest grass present on the Earth.

The most unusual member of the family of grasses is what we call bamboo! Indeed it does not look like common. variety of grasses we see in the garden or on the moors. Bamboo looks more like a tree or a tall bush. Bamboo grows at a speed of about 41 centimeters a day and it can reach a height of 35 meters! The stem of bamboo is hollow and smooth. There are many joints on the stem. There are about five hundred different varieties of bamboo in the world. Most bamboos flower every year, but some varieties bloom only three or four times in hundred years. All types of bamboo grow in tropical and subtropical climates in Asia, South America, and Africa. Tall varieties of bamboo have been planted in Florida and California also.

For ages, bamboo has been one of the most useful plants for people living in tropical areas. It is used for making goods including cots, chairs, tables, posts, rafts, walking sticks baskets, fishing poles, flutes, and similar musical instruments. People build their entire houses including roofs and floors with bamboo. Some varieties of bamboo are so hard that crude knives are made from them. In China, the inner pulp is used for making a special kind of paper. In most of countries, hollow bamboo stems are used as water pipes in gardening. In many countries including India, tender shoots of some bamboo varieties are eaten as vegetables and are used for making pickles. Bamboo is undoubtedly the most useful grass for mankind.

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