What Is Fire?

In this article, we are going to discuss what is fire.

Fire has been one of the most useful and essential tools for mankind. It was the control of fire and the making of tools that slowly led to a better life for the caveman. He found fire useful but was also scared of it. He started worshipping it.

Fire is a rapid and continuous chemical reaction accompanied by the emission of light and heat. The color of the flame depends upon the material that is burning and the temperature it is reaching. In this chemical reaction, two substances combine to form one or more new substances. The substances that we commonly use to make a fire are wood, coal, paper, petrol, etc. Are mainly made up of carbon and hydrogen. To burn these oxygen is required.

While burning these oxygen and carbon combine together to give carbon dioxide and also combine with hydrogen to form water. The smoke that is visible is a mixture of carbon particles, dust particles, and hot gases.

To start the process or chemical reaction of burning, a certain temperature must be reached. Once the process starts and the fuel starts burning with enough heat to burn the rest of the fuel we get a continuous fire till all the fuel is consumed.

When oxygen and the fuel molecules react in this manner, the energy that is released is heat. Combustion can be rapid or slow. In rapid combustion, heat and light are both produced. In slow combustion, only heat is produced which can be very low in amount. For example, when food is digested in our bodies oxidation takes place, and heat is produced.

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