Is Greenland Very Green?

Did you ever think how much greenery is in Greenland? If you don’t know then don’t worry because today in this article we are going to discuss “Is Greenland very green”.

Greenland is the world’s largest island and lies mostly within the Arctic Circle. Contrary to its name, it is full of ice and rarely at all green. There are thin patches of soil and grass, heather, and small flowering plants. The rest of the ice-free area is barren rock. Near the sea, many raised beaches and terraces contain shells of marine mollusks and similar substances that indicate that Greenland was raised or the sea had sunk during postglacial times.

In the year 982 Eric Thorvaldsson better known as Eric the Red sailed from Iceland and reached the southwestern coast of Greenland. For killing a guy, he had been banished from his nation for three years. He spent all these years exploring this quiet land.

He told people about this new location when he got back to Iceland, calling it Greenland to make it sound appealing. Many people decided to go to this place and Eric started again in 986 with 25 ships. Only 14 of them made it there, at which point a colony was established on the southwest coast. Many explorers visited Greenland after this. Numerous scientific expeditions were drawn to Greenland’s vast ice cap, which covers the majority of its interior.

Even before Eric the Red discovered it, Eskimos from the Canadian archipelago had migrated to Greenland. Many Danish people now live in this country. Both Danish and Eskimo languages are spoken. The total population of Greenland is very small compared to the size of the island. The majority of inhabitants reside along the ice-free southwest coast.

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