How To Make Fried Fish?


  • One kilo of fish
  • Meadow Cup
  • Flour or basin cup
  • Milk cup
  • Milk cup
  • Two tomatoes
  • Green coriander or pomegranate or fenugreek as required
  • Two pinches of celery
  • Ghee or oil as required
  • Crushed hot spices as required
  • Salt as needed


First of all, clean the stomach of the fish and make the tail and head and wash the fish, and dry it. Then mix milk inside and outside, then mix coriander leaves and crushed nutmeg flour in flour or garlic and mix it on fish. Heat the oil in a frying pan and add a piece of bread to it to determine if the oil is suitable for frying fish. If a piece of bread turns red in half a minute, then the oil will be perfectly suitable. Put one fish in it and fry it. Then arrange these fish in a row in a dish. Place round tomato slices in the space left in the middle of the dish and sprinkle celery on top. Now you eat delicious fried fish

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