Good News For Videocall Users, New Skype Feature Is Introduced

Android users of the online video calling service Skype will now be able to blur their background during video calls.
Lockdown during the Coronavirus epidemic has increased the tendency to work from home and communicate via video calls, and with that in mind, Skype has given Android users the option to blur their background during video calls.

Recently, Microsoft updated the background blur support for Skype’s Android users. This update will be available to users using phones with Android Marshmallow (6.0) and above operating systems.
This feature has been available to iOS users for 2 years and now it has been introduced for Android devices, this feature is also available to users on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

Blurring the background with the feature will only show the user’s face while everything behind will blur, for this purpose the company has used machine learning and edge detection technology.
This feature is also easy to disable, go to the three-dot menu during a call in Skype and click on Blur My Background. This feature will blur not only the static but also the moving objects and people and only the face will be clearly visible.

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